Brent Welch

Brent works at Google!

Before that, I was Chief Technology Officer at Panasas, which has created a scalable, high-performace, parallel, distributed storage cluster that is the file system for many of the most powerful super computers in the top500. Scalable Performance in the Panasas Parallel File System provides a nice description of the system.

This blog posting by Tadashi Ogawa has a nice collection of pointers to papers on Panasas, Object-Storage, RAID, and Sprite.

Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk, 4th Ed.

The 4th edition of my book covers Tcl/Tk 8.4. There are new chapters on multi-threaded Tcl scripts and Starkits.

The Tcler's Wiki.

Tcl Developer Xchange.

EXMH is a popular email user interface that runs on Linux and other UNIX systems. It is extensible, using Tcl of course, and has accumulated many cool features since its release in 1993. Incredibly, there are still users and maintainers. Source Forge

TclHttpd is an extensible web server that provides an easy way to develop and deploy applications.

I live with my wife and boys in Mountain View, CA. We enjoy footbag, our garden, soccer, baseball, juggling and music.


Machu Pichu trip 2013

Japan 2009 Rafting 2009 Western National Parks 2009

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Snow Camping Pt Reyes Jan 2016

Personal Information


I am a senior software engineer at Google. I was Chief Technology Officer at Panasas, I have worked at Xerox-PARC and Sun Microsystems Laboratories. I have experience building software systems from the device driver level up through network servers, user applications, and graphical user interfaces. While getting my PhD at UC Berkeley, I designed and built the Sprite distributed file system. I am the creator of the TclHttpd web server, the exmh email user interface, and the author of Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk.

What is BeeDub.com?

This is my permanent home on the web. Come here to find up-to-date pointers to my current work.

Some of my Friends

Old Friends I'm Looking For

  • Send me an email at welch at acm.org and say "Hello!" I'd love to hear from you.
  • John Vinych, college roommate, now in Fargo ND
  • Sandy Robinson, Mary White, Stacy Bockavoy, Sewell Hall, University of Colorado 1978
  • Liz Baker, raft guide, Whitby Ontario

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footbag action

That's me, getting big air in footbag net. See also these two shots of another "joust" between James Harley and Brent Welch at the 1998 World Championships (preliminary rounds) in Montreal. I teamed up with James in the 'O3 Worlds where we took 3rd place.