In 2010 Bill Langbehn was inducted into the Footbag Hall of Fame. Here are a few photos from Brent Welch's collection. Bill and Brent were longtime freestyle and net partners from the mid 1980's into the 1990's. (zip file of all photos)
Our friend Will Squire was a great kicker and artist. Jody Welch, Constance Reed Constable (stretching), Julie Symons (sitting), and Tricia George (behind pole) get ready for Footbag Golf. Golden Colorado, School of Mines Campus. Bill is wearing our "Raging Shredder's T-shirt. Golden Colorado in the late 1980's. Note the nicely groomed net courts. Bill and Brent holding hands. The next kick is an outside "around the world" by Brent, hopefully. UC Berkeley's Hearst Field.
Steve Blough (spelling?) hosted a tournament of 5-minute singles freestyle routines (!!!) in Willits CA in the late 1980's. Pictured are Steve, Jim Davis, Brent Welch, Bill Langbehn, and er, help me out here... Bill Langbehn with a classic flying clipper at Willits Bill watching footbag net. Laurie and Chris Ott under the umbrella. Bill judging footbag freestyle at the Intermountain tournament in Ft. Collins Colorado. Judges from left are: (I can't remember), Kendal Kic, Reed Gray, Scott Cleere, Peter Shunney, Bill Langbehn, (unknown Danish player), Allen Petersen, Jim Caveney (cropped). Folks behind the judges include Jody Badger Welch (white hate) and Etienne Constable (white hat clapping)
Bill Langbehn. Note the broomstick-style net gear in the background. Brent and Bill at a Berkeley tournament circa 1988 The Berkeley Footbag gang - Jim ?, (unknown), Etienne Constable, Constance Reed Constable, Brent Welch, Jody Badger Welch, John Caveney, (Neil Fischer's future wife), Bill Langbehn, (unknown), Neil Fischer, Julie Symons Brent Welch