Errata for 2nd Edition (part 2)

Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk
ISBN: 0-13-616830

This page reflects errors that were not found before the 2nd printing. There are few more errors that I have collected, but I have not yet cataloged them.

First printing errors.

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Last update Mon Jun 29 21:51:02 PDT 1998

Chapter 3

p41Fixed horrible mispellings in reference to Libes' cgi.tcl package

Chapter 4

p47The format output on the last line should include an =

Chapter 6

p69First assignment should be:
set min [lindex $result 0]

Chapter 7

p81Hot tip should begin "Upvar aliases do not..."

Chapter 8

p85In first paragraph, delete "it" from "this situation it is to use"

Chapter 10

p1152nd paragraph, "loose" should be "lose".

Chapter 11

p128Example 11-3 the regular expression should use a-fA-F, no a-hA-H

Chapter 12

p135Last paragraph, "which" should be "wish".
p143tcl_packagePath should be tcl_pkgPath.

Chapter 13

p146%I format goes from 01 to 12, and %U goes from 00 to 52.

Chapter 19

p239$tcl_platform should be $tcl_platform(platform) in the switch statement
p241*Menu.tearoff should be *Menu.tearOff.

Chapter 25

p332Example near bottom: Extra "m" in "omitted" (twice)

Chapter 26

p335frame example command: "containter" should be "container"

Chapter 27

p346Scrolled_Text should add -wrap none to text widget.
p347Scroll_Set should not unmap the scrollbars because that can cause the scrolled widget to resize and possibly create the need for the scrollbar, which leads to an infinite loop. The procedures that use Scroll_Set as scrollcommands should not map their scrollbars, but let the following version do it for them:
proc Scroll_Set {scrollbar geoCmd offset size} {
	if {$offset != 0.0 || $size != 1.0} {
		eval $geoCmd
	$scrollbar set $offset $size
p348Scrolled_Listbox should not grid the scrollbars. Its grid commands should just be:
	grid $f.list -sticky news
	grid rowconfigure $f 0 -weight 1
	grid columnconfigure $f 0 -weight 1

Chapter 31

p407Table 31-8: insert, sel.first and sel.last give "Index of the...character", not the character itself.
p413"$c delete" entry: "IDs" should be "ID(s)"
p415Table 31-12, "-width" entry: "Size of.." should be "Width of..."
p418Added note that this is less of a problem in Tcl 8.0, when tcl_precision changed from 6 to 12.

Chapter 36

p468these "points" are different than the pointer... (that should be than)

Chapter 38

p498The tk scale command should be tk scaling.

Chapter 41

p539The Tcl_ResetObjResult call is bogus, it should just be Tcl_ResetResult. Here is a pointer to a cleaned up version of Tcl_Invoke, due to Jean Brouwers.

Chapter 47

p602The tk scale command should be tk scaling.