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This is an example-oriented book about Tcl and Tk programming. The examples include a general preference package, use of the X resource database, and user-defined buttons and menus for extensible applications. In addition to the examples, there are complete summaries of the Tcl 7.4 commands and Tk 4.0 widgets. The sources for the examples are included in a floppy disk that comes with the book, and you can find them on-line in the file examples.tar.1.3.gz.

First Edition Info

This book has been available on the net in draft form since 1994. Your feedback from the draft made the book much better. The last free draft is still available on-line curtesy of the kind folks at Prentice Hall. The draft is dated January 13, 1995. The book came into print in May, 1995. The draft has typos and other errors. The draft has a really poor index. The draft is missing a couple of important sections. If you are still interested, you can download and print the draft for personal use only. Print two-sided; it is about 450 pages.

Consider this a kind of shareware. If you like the book, buy a clean copy at the bookstore.