Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk, 4th Edition

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Comparison with First Edition

This is in Japanese, but there are some very nice tables, in English, that compare the two books.

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Effective Tcl/Tk Programming

Michael McLennan and Mark Harrison, 1997 This is a nice guide to Tcl/Tk programming. The authors share their experiences in developing real applications. This is my choice for a "2nd Tcl book" to own.

Exploring Expect

Don Libes, 1995 A thorough companion to a great utility. Expect uses Tcl to automate interactive applications like telnet and ftp.

Tcl and the Tk Toolkit

John Ousterhout, 1995 By the creator of Tcl and Tk, this book describes an older version (Tcl 7.3 and Tk 3.6). It has good coverage of the C API's, and it describes the philosophy of creating applications with Tcl and Tk.

Tcl/Tk Tools

Mark Harrison, ed, 1997 This is a useful volume of chapters about extension packages for Tcl/Tk. These are all written by the authors of the extensions themselves, so it provides great guidance to packages like Expect, SybTcl, OraTcl, Tcl-DP, Tix, [incr Tcl], and more.

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