Wright Family Photos

Robert F. Wright is the grandfather of Brent Welch. His father, Theodore McKay Wright lived in San Jose near Santa Clara University. He owned a printing business and was at one time the Mayor of San Jose and also served in the state legislature. His daughters Gertrude and Eleanor had no children. Robert married Katherine Powell, worked as an electrical engineer for GE and lived in New Orleans (among other places). He had one daughter, Carroll (Buffy) Wright Welch. Buffy Welch lives in Arlington Virginia, which is where Brent grew up from 3rd grade through High School. Isabel married Carl Showalter and settled in Santa Cruz. They had three children, Ted, Jane Welsh, and Jean Lawrence. Ted and Jane live in Santa Cruz. Jean lives in Henderson, Nevada.

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Wright Family

Isabel (17), Eleanor (31), Gertrude (29).
Theodore, Lela (parents), Robert (26).
Taken Dec 16, 1926.

4 Generations

Great Grandmother Murrison (Eliza Jane McKay)
Grandmother Wright (Isabel Murrison)
Theodore McKay Wright
Eleanor Frances Wright
Taken around 1895.

Theodore McKay Wright

Age 20 years, 1888.

About the time of his marriage in 1895.

Lela Margelia Rice

In early 1890's, before her marriage in 1895.

About the time of her marriage?

About age 70 in 1943 (approximate date and age).

Robert F. Wright

November 8, 1918.

Born Jan 30, 1900.

Eleanor Frances Wright

Taken Dec 16, 1926, just before she sails for China to be a missionary.

Gertrude Wright

Taken year AAUW president, 1933-1934.

Isabel Wright

Born 1910, not sure of age in this photo.
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